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g, qRT-PCR analysis of the indicated ISGs in MC-38 cells treated with 3 M mitochondria-targeted doxorubicin (mitoDox) or DMSO (Mock) for 48 hours. mtDNA are present in most cell types that are packaged by TFAM into higher-order structures called nucleoids1. Mitochondria are also platforms for antiviral signalling2 and, due to their bacterial origin, mtDNA and other mitochondrial components trigger innate immune responses and inflammatory pathology2,3. We showed previously that instability and cytoplasmic release of mtDNA activates the cGAS-STING-TBK1 pathway resulting in interferon stimulated gene (ISG) expression that promotes antiviral immunity4. Here, Methylthioadenosine we find that prolonged mtDNA stress is not associated with basally activated NF-B signalling or interferon gene expression typical of an acute antiviral response. Instead, a specific subset of ISGs, that includes mice exposed to ionizing radiation exhibit enhanced repair responses in spleen nDNA. Therefore, we suggest that harm to and following launch of mtDNA elicits a protecting…

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