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AIR), tools (e.g. or (B) hBEC ethnicities were inoculated with Beth15, CIV-41915 or rCIV-1177 viruses at a MOI of 0.1 or MOI of 1 1 and incubated at 32C or 37C. In the BRL-50481 indicated time, apical press was collected, and disease titers identified. Data are pooled from 2 self-employed experiments with n = 3 wells per disease for each experiment (n = 6 total). Two-way ANOVA was utilized for statistical analysis (a = p 0.05, b = p 0.001 compared to Beth15 virus). Dotted collection shows limit of detection. (C) Human being bronchus explant tradition was submerged in 106 TCID50/ml disease for 1 hour at 37C, washed and placed onto a medical sponge inside a 24-well cells tradition plate filled with 1 ml/well of tradition medium to produce an ALI. Supernatant was collected at 1, 24, and 48 hpi and disease titer determined. Experiments were performed BRL-50481 with cells…

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