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´╗┐This conclusion is similar to previous findings that leptin induced gene expression of intracellular adhesion molecular-1, CCL11, VEGF, G-CSF, IL-6, and cell migration within the human airway epithelial cell line [41]. MAPK, JNK1/2, and NF-B in leptin-stimulated cells. Similarly, blockage of Arry-520 (Filanesib) the MAPKs/NF-B/p300 cascade significantly inhibited leptin-mediated cPLA2- mRNA manifestation. Our data as a whole showed that leptin contributed to lung cPLA2- manifestation through OB-R-dependent activation of the MAPKs/NF-B/p300 cascade. manifestation of cPLA2- in human being alveolar type II A549 cells and in ICR mice. Pretreatment with MAPKs, NF-B or p300 inhibitors suggested the participation of the MAPKs, NF-B and p300 transmission parts in the gene activation process, with the attenuation of the leptin-induced manifestation of cPLA2- yielding a similar indication. Leptin also stimulated the phosphorylation of MAPKs, NF-B, and p300. However, leptin-induced phosphorylation of NF-B was attenuated by inhibitors of p42/p44 MAPK and JNK1/2 but not p38…

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