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´╗┐These findings met the criteria for MSCs identification by The Association of International Cell Therapy. intraperitoneal injection and intragastric administration, respectively. After either 7 or 14?days, ovarian function was evaluated by the oestrus cycle, hormone levels, ovarian index, fertility rate, and ovarian morphology. The karyotype was identified in offspring by the G-banding technique. hAMSCs tracking, immunohistochemical staining, and real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) were used to assess the molecular mechanisms of injury and repair. Results The oestrus cycle was recovered after hAMSCs transplantation at 7 and 14?days. Oestrogen levels increased, while follicle-stimulating hormone levels decreased. The ovarian index, fertility rate, and population of follicles at different stages were significantly increased. The newborn mice had no obvious deformity and showed normal growth and development. The normal offspring mice were also fertile. The tracking of hAMSCs revealed that they colonized in the ovarian stroma. Immunohistochemical and PCR analyses indicated that changes in…

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