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´╗┐Supplementary MaterialsFile S1: Tables S1CS5. mouse islets or -cell lines led to reduced expression of Prlr and Ccnd2, and MafA transactivated the promoter. Activation of -cells by prolactin resulted in the phosphorylation and translocation of Stat5B and an increased nuclear pool of Ccnd2 via Prlr and Jak2. Consistent with these results, the loss of MafA resulted in impaired proliferation of -cells at 4 weeks of age. These results suggest that MafA regulates the postnatal proliferation of -cells via prolactin signaling. Introduction Accumulating evidence suggests that postnatal organ development and maturation are critical for future health, especially with respect to metabolic disease [1]. Pancreatic -cells vigorously IKK 16 hydrochloride proliferate postnatally to increase insulin secretion capacity [2], which is implicated in adult -cell mass [3]. Although the compensatory growth of -cell mass in insulin resistance has been intensively investigated [4], the signaling pathway that regulates postnatal proliferation of -cells is usually…

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