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(b) DNA size distribution profile of a fraction with an amplification ratio of 40%. Conclusion We have evaluated the impact of process parameters (pH and conductivity), DNA size distribution and competition by HCP on DNA clearance capability and binding behavior on AEX chromatography media in the flowthrough mode. characterized based on a size exclusion qPCR assay. Results showed preferential binding of larger DNA fragments ( 409 base pairs). ? 2017 The Authors Biotechnology Progress published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of American Institute of Chemical Engineers is the concentration and is the volume of CHMFL-ABL-121 the feed weight or product collected, as noted. DNA breakthrough was not observed for the SuperQ runs for either the LS or the HS conditions (Table 2). Therefore, an additional run with DNA spike of 12,000 ng DNA/mg of mAb was conducted to see if DNA breakthrough at higher DNA weight would be observed.…

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