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The qRT-PCR experiments identified PKC as the dominant PKC isoform in FLT3L- and GM-CSF/IL-4-induced BMiDCs and splenic iDCs. M5/114.15.2), APC-CD86 (clone GL1) or respective IgG control monoclonal antibodies. CD86 (A) and Balaglitazone MHC II (B) expression in CD11c+ dendritic cells were determined using flow cytometry. production was monitored using L-012 chemiluminescence. The diagram represents the mean fold change of L-012 chemiluminescence area under the curve obtained in three independent experiments. generation in PMA-treated immature DCs precedes or occurs simultaneously with PKC activation. (A) generation was measured in vehicle- Balaglitazone and PMA-treated Nox2y/+ (wild type) and Nox2y/? BMiDCs using L-012 chemiluminescence (stimulation of Nox2 activity and downstream redox signaling promotes DC macropinocytosis of antigens. PKC/Nox2-mediated antigen macropinocytosis stimulates maturation of DCs and secretion of T-cell stimulatory cytokines. These findings may contribute to a better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms in DC macropinocytosis and downstream regulation of T-cell-mediated responses. receptor-mediated endocytosis and…

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