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Ion aerosol voltage was collection at 4500 volts and the source temperature was collection at 350 C. which an antibody was revised at multiple sites corresponds to the degree of shift in elution time. Furthermore, cell tradition guidelines also affected the degree of Glycyrrhizic acid modifications by methylglyoxal, a highly reactive metabolite that can be generated from glucose or lipids or additional metabolic pathways. Our findings again highlight the effect that cell tradition conditions can have on the product quality of Glycyrrhizic acid recombinant protein pharmaceuticals. Recombinant biotherapeutics are associated with an inherently improved level of structural difficulty as compared to traditional small molecule drugs. Numerous protein post-translational modifications (PTM’s) have been well recorded as major contributors to heterogeneity in recombinant monoclonal antibodies 1-5. Some of these processes happen during fermentation, such as glycosylation and sialic acid incorporation; 6-8 while others can occur through purification, storage and even sample preparation,…

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