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No overlapping from the same lower-case letter indicated significant differences. Results Assessment of antiproliferation of CPC and the effect of NAC pretreatment In the MTS assay (Fig.?1), the cell viability (%) of two dental malignancy cells (Ca9-22 and CAL 27) at indicated concentrations of CPC were dose-responsively decreased (and [48]. (Ih-Sheng Chen) and its roots were collected at Mudan, Pingtung Region, Taiwan, in May 2004. A voucher specimen (Chen6153) has been deposited in the Herbarium of the School of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University or college. The dried origins (7.7 Kg) of were processed by slicing and chilly methanol-extraction three times at space temperature. Finally, the perfect solution is was evaporated under reduced pressure to yield the methanolic draw out (800?g; yield: methanolic extract/dried origins?=?10.4?%) [8]. CPC (5.7?g; yield: CPC/methanolic extract?=?0.7?%) was isolated from the root of as explained previously [19]. In brief, the methanolic draw out was…

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