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´╗┐differences in gene and protein expression of these ECs have been described, including endothelial markers VE-Cadherin, CD34, CD36, VEGFR2, and VCAM [29]. increased migration of ECs in wound healing experiments. CD36 knockdown prevented OA-induced increases in wound healing potential. In EC transwell migration experiments, OA increased recruitment and migration of ECs, an effect abolished by CD36 knockdown. Phospho-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) increased in MHECs exposed to OA in a CD36-dependent manner. To test whether CD36 affects angiogenesis, we studied 21-day recovery in post-hindlimb ischemia. EC-specific Compact disc36 knockout mice acquired reduced blood circulation recovery as evaluated by laser beam Doppler imaging. EC content material in post-ischemic muscles, evaluated from Compact disc31 expression, elevated in ischemic muscles of control mice. Nevertheless, mice with EC-specific Compact disc36 deletion lacked the upsurge in matrix and Compact disc31 metalloprotease 9 expression seen in handles. EC appearance of Compact disc36 and its own function in…

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