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Our present study identifies IFN- as a targetable molecule in the mouse model of PCD and, possibly, in the human disease. Human PCD, which is likely mediated by autoimmune response of T cells against Purkinje cell antigens CDR2/CDR2L, is usually characterized by development of severe cerebellar dysfunction (5). (left, WT; not expressing HA in Purkinje cells) and L7-HA-PCD mice (middle). USP7-IN-1 Level bar: 10 m. Staining for Calbindin (green) and pSTAT1 (reddish) shows upregulation of pSTAT1 in the nucleus of a Purkinje cell (right). Scale bar: 7.5 m. (E) Left: ex vivo cerebellar slices from L7-HA mice treated or not with USP7-IN-1 IFN- (100 U/ml) for 24 hours and stained with an anti-calbindin antibody (green) and an antiCH2-Kd antibody (reddish). Scale bar: 20 m. Right: densitometric analysis of calbindin and H2-Kd staining of Purkinje cells. Yellow lines: segments of Purkinje cells submitted to densitometric analysis of calbindin and H2-Kd staining…

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