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All the antibodies were diluted in 1% BSA/PBS; this was followed by washes with PBS. of these mutations on LGI1 protein folding, as suggested by 3D protein modelling. In addition, immunofluorescence and co-immunoprecipitation experiments reveal that all four mutations significantly impair conversation of LGI1 with the ADAM22 and ADAM23 receptors around the cell CLEC4M surface. These results support the presence of a second mechanism, alternative to inhibition of protein secretion, by which ADLTE-causing mutations exert their loss-of-function effect extracellularly, and suggest that interactions of LGI1 with both ADAM22 and ADAM23 play an important role in the molecular mechanisms leading to ADLTE. Author Summary Temporal lobe epilepsy is the most common form of focal epilepsy. It is frequently DB07268 associated with structural brain abnormalities, but genetic forms caused by mutations in major genes have also been described. Autosomal dominant lateral temporal epilepsy (ADLTE) is usually a familial condition characterized by focal…

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