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´╗┐Statistical significance is expressed as = 10, Table ?Table1,1, Fig. apamin. Results The ACh-induced NO and prostaglandin-mediated dilatations decreased significantly during organ culture (NO: 84% in control and 36% in cultured; prostaglandins: 48% in control and 16% in cultured). Notably, the total ACh-dilatation was not changed. This might be explained by the finding that EDHF alone stimulated a full dilatation even after organ culture (83% in control and 80% in cultured). EDHF may thereby compensate for the loss in NO and prostaglandin-mediated dilatation. Dilatations induced by forskolin or sodium nitroprusside did not change after organ culture, indicating intact clean muscle mass cell function. Conclusions Organ tradition induces a loss in NO and prostaglandin-mediated dilatation, which is definitely compensated for by EDHF. This shift in mediator profile resembles that in endothelium dysfunction. Organ tradition provides an easily accessible model where the molecular changes that take place, when endothelium dysfunction is definitely…

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