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MSH contributed to the interpretation of the data and findings. incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of IVIG is within the borderline region of estimates considered to represent value for money, but results appear highly sensitive to the choice of model used for clinical effectiveness. This was also the case with EVI estimates, with maximum payoffs from conducting a further clinical trial between 137 and 1,011 million. Namitecan Conclusions Our analyses suggest that there is a need for a further RCT. Results on the value of conducting such research, however, were sensitive to the clinical effectiveness model used, reflecting the high level of heterogeneity in the evidence base. Introduction Sepsis is a clinical syndrome defined by the presence of both infection and a systemic inflammatory response; sepsis is defined as severe when associated with, or complicated by, organ dysfunction [1]. Severe sepsis may induce septic shock, defined as hypotension persisting despite adequate fluid…

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