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´╗┐Alcohol Abuse Chronic alcohol abuse leads to alcoholic liver disease, which progresses from fatty liver due to alcoholic hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis to cirrhosis, and ultimately HCC. discuss the conversation between numerous etiological factors and components of Wnt/-catenin signaling early in the precancerous lesion and the acquired mechanisms to further enhance Wnt/-catenin signaling to promote robust cancer formation at later stages. Additionally, we shed light on current relevant inhibitors tested in liver cancers and provide future perspectives for preclinical and clinical liver cancer studies. element produces an oncogenic HBV-chimeric transcript, inducing nuclear localization of -catenin and triggering target gene expression [18,27]. Nevertheless, the fusion transcripts were not detectable in other cohorts [28,29], and therefore the observation needs further investigation in more cohorts from different regions. Despite a major risk factor for CCA, HBV function on Wnt/-catenin signaling in infected cholangiocytes remains obscure. Part of the mechanisms revealed in infected hepatocytes could…

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