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´╗┐Reduced expression of lamin A/C was detected in colon cancer (37), small cell lung cancer (38), leukemias and lymphomas (39,40). serves prominent functions in resistance to the excessive DNA damage that destabilizes the genome and promotes cancer development, and these functions of SUN2 are Isepamicin critical for evading initiation of malignancy. Additionally, increasing evidence has exhibited that SUN2 is involved in maintaining cell nuclear structure and appears to be a central component for organizing the natural nuclear architecture in malignancy cells. The focus of the present review is to provide an overview around the pharmacological functions of SUN2 in cancers. These findings suggest that SUN2 may serve as a encouraging therapeutic target and novel predictive marker in various types of malignancy. confirmed that SUN2 is required for attenuating excessive DNA damage in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) from SUN1?/?SUN2?/? double knockout mice (16). Whether SUN2 participates in maintaining genomic stability in…

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