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´╗┐Palbociclib is an oral, selective inhibitor of CDK 4/6 that restores Rb function and promotes cell cycle arrest. Methods In this phase II trial, patients with metastatic platinum-refractory UC molecularly selected for p16 loss and intact Rb by tumour immunohistochemistry received palbociclib 125?mg p.o. two patients (17%) achieved PFS4 with insufficient activity to advance to stage 2. No responses were seen. Median PFS was 1.9 months (95% CI 1.8C3.7 months) and median overall survival was 6.3 months (95% CI 2.2C12.6 months). Fifty-eight percent of patients had grade 3 hematologic toxicity. There were no alterations found and no correlation of Rb pathway alterations with clinical outcome. Conclusions Palbociclib did not demonstrate meaningful activity in selected patients with platinum-refractory metastatic UC. Further development of palbociclib should only be considered with improved integral biomarker selection or in rational combination with other therapies. or amplifications.1 Additionally, the VEGF2-R antagonist ramucirumab in combination with docetaxel…

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