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Head and throat squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is a solid tumor composed by a genotypically and phenotypically heterogeneous human population of neoplastic cells types. activities in regulating histone modifications (via epigenetic changes) and miRNA activation. Many of these events are essential for the CSC properties such as Nanog/Oct4/Sox2 manifestation, spheroid/clone formation, self-renewal, tumor cell migration/invasion, survival and chemotherapeutic drug resistance in HA-activated head and neck tumor. These newly-discovered HA/CD44-mediated oncogenic signaling pathways delineate unique tumor dynamics with implications for defining the drivers of HNSCC progression processes. Most importantly, the important knowledge from HA/CD44-controlled CSC signaling and practical activation could provide new information concerning the design of novel drug targets to overcome current therapeutic drug resistance which will have significant treatment implications for head and neck cancer patients. gene is known to undergo alternative splicing mechanisms and produces a variety of CD44 isoforms including CD44s, CD44v3, CD44v6, etc. [32,33] (Figure 2A).…

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