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´╗┐Patients without travel history were likely to have an antibody for SARS-CoV-2 (13.9% vs 3.2%) and patients without close contact to the case also had more chance to develop an antibody (12.3% vs 9.1%). a locally developed rapid IgM/IgG test kit Results Overall, 5.5% of the participants (47 of 857) had positive IgM, 0.2% (2 of IRL-2500 857) had positive IgG which both of them also had positive IgM. Hospitals located in the central part of Thailand had the highest IgM seroprevalence (11.9%). Preprocedural patients had a higher rate of positive IgM than the hospital staff (12.1% vs 3.7%). Participants with present upper respiratory tract symptoms had a higher rate of positive IgM than those without (9.6% vs 4.5%). Three quarters (80.5%, 690 of 857) of the participants were asymptomatic, of which, 31 had positive IgM (4.5%) which consisted of 20 of 566 healthcare workers (3.5%) and 11 of 124…

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