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2 Chance of COVID-19 test result of a patient with pre-existing diseases. Open in a separate window Fig. about considerable issues such as treatment protocols and interfere and minimize the spread of COVID-19. is the em i /em th term of the sequence. Quantify matrices of similarities in combinations such that connected words achieve strong effects of similarity. Then, based on the input text, use lexical similarity. F or all term mixtures, the correlation method results a value between 0, which shows a few words are not correlated, and 1, which implies that they are fairly related. 5.2.4. Semantic extraction The topic modeling LDA, the sampling of Gibbs (Sethi et al., 2020; Blei et al., 2003), and the COVID-19-related analysis utilize lexical extraction and hidden topic discoveries. Furthermore, COVID-19 observations may vary on numerous topics. Identify such significant topics and reveal them in this step. The collected paperwork, such as…

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